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AP Space is delighted to announce the representation of Choi Young Wook (b. 1964). A Western-style painter, known for his painting series, “Karma”, Choi has devoted fifteen years to capturing the beauty of a traditional Korean vessel: a moon jar.

Choi completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting at Hongik University in 1991, followed by the attainment of his Master of Fine Arts degree in 2000. He initiated his artistic career with solo exhibitions as early as 1992, marking the inception of a trajectory characterized by continual growth and development. Notably, his pieces have been acquired by esteemed institutions such as Bill Gates Foundation, Gianni Versace, Korean Air, the Philadelphia Museum, the National Modern Art Museum of Korea, Luxembourg Palace, SK Group, Lotte Group, and more.

Throughout the past decade, Choi has dedicated himself to refining his expertise in the creation of moon jars, establishing them as his signature way of expression. During his quest to find his personal style and way of expression, he encountered a Joseon-era moon jar in a museum during his trip to Europe and the US. It was then this finding led him to research, collect, and continuously paint to perfect his skills.

Today, Choi seamlessly intertwines East Asian tradition with the expressive ethos of Western modern painting, utilizing his technique and style as a conduit for this fusion. Through his artistry, the historic Joseon moon jar breathes again.

Choi defines his paintings as images of memories and medium of communication.

“People know me as the artist who draws moon jars. But I'm not drawing a moon jar, I'm talking about myself wanting to live like a moon jar. In it, I told the story of my life, and at the same time, I found and captured the image of a universal human being. The meaning of the 'karma' I drew is contained in the lines. The line does not realistically express the ice and heat of the ceramics. It is our life path. They meet and separate as if they are divided and connected, similar and different, and yet different, but come together as one. In a fate that transcends our will, the fetters and sorrows of life, laughter and crying, and in the end, a certain energy that encompasses them all…”

- Choi Young Wook