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MARCH 16TH, 2024 - APRIL 11TH, 2024
555W 25th St.New York, NY, 10001
AP Space is pleased to announce the official representation of Maria Pavlovska, who will be presenting her solo exhibition with us on March 16th, 2024, which will be on view until April 11th, 2024. Maria Pavlovska is a contemporary artist, active in the first half of the 21st century with two and a half decades of continuous presence in the European contemporary art scene and an active presence internationally in the USA and Asia. From Skopje to Ljubljana, Belgrade, Vienna, Berlin, Paris, New York, Manila, Miami, Venice, and Florence her art cover’s themes of polarization and globalism.

Pavlovska’s latest concept called “OBJECT” produced over the last years since 2015 is a final stage and originate and is connected to the older series “ Black&White”, “Trembling”, “Silence” and “Doppler” and is consistent with this period she live in, the associated feelings, surroundings and structures. 

The whole concept includes seven pieces, which vary from monumental sizes to large ones, supported by three drawings, which brings fulfillment to the concept.

During the process, three pieces of the full series were shown in public until now where two received Award: “ OBJECT 02” & “OBJECT 04”: Mixing Medias" international show, First Award for Painting / Carole Feuerman Foundation NY, 2016 and “OBJECT 06” was part of the international woman’s show/ 10 international women artists: "Senses and Perceptions" presented by Carole Feuerman Foundation NY, 2018

Anything that is visible or tangible and is relatively stable in form
a thing, person, or matter to which thought or action is directed:
as in an object of investigation

The end toward which effort or action is directed; goal; purpose:
As in profit is the object of business

A person or thing with reference to the impression made on the mind or the feeling or emotion elicited in an observer: 
As in an object of curiosity and pity

Anything that may be apprehended intellectually:
As in objects of thought

The eight proposed artworks that make up “OBJECT” are intimately connected, together they are part of the same story. The paintings are at once modern yet with a nod towards abstract art historical traditions, composed primarily of energetic black, white & gray brushstrokes and feral markings unique to the artist. The cumulative effect of these contemporary abstract images, with their busy lines and kinetic movements, gives the impression that someone is querying, interrogating, updating the space constantly, going into deeper and more intense levels of inquiry with every movement of the brush or scratch of canvas.

Maria Pavlovska’s art, using polar black and white colors, stands out with a specific expressive style that is unique, both in the Balkan region and on an international scale.

“OBJECT” here is a controlled, intense reaction. The artworks are not quiet, with different registers and a continuous wavelength and frequency.

This series or artworks inside a set space is transformed into borderless universe that begs to bleed much further than the visible image, extending beyond the canvas and offering the viewer an unexpected and broader creative palette.

This series, named “OBJECT”, originate from another larger series which includes 40 pieces called "Black & White”, “ Trembling”, “ Silence” & " Doppler" series produced between 2003 - 2011. The other pieces from this larger series were acquired to Museums and Private Collections. These pieces on display now are the ones that remain as a series of their own produced between 2014-2020.

Critics have described her work as having "a strong personality" which "translates her topics of choice into pictorial language that demonstrates a quietly powerful eloquence". She has received praise from critics worldwide for her drawings and paintings that they describe as a battlefield, where light and darkness fight and the result is unpredictable. One sees the lightning bolts of ideas at work, as they are being worked out. This sort of simultaneous image ‘process/result’ dialectic lies frozen in space, stimulating the viewer to actively participate in the image creation themselves by way of investigation, inviting myriad readings within a given theme.

"Every painting that comes from the soul and that derives from something pure within us, functions as a kind of quotidian poetry in action. My images are a series of such stories, small secrets, revealed to me in confidence, translated in pictorial terms.

I often look for extreme situations. Situations that leave me speechless and that instigate me to record it. I embrace the artistic inner weaving with one breath of my restlessness, making works of art through curved and restless lines, which put together form stories about a period of time, a contact, a conversation, a touch, a conflict, incident. These stories are about the world, the space in me and around me."

- Maria Pavlovska