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Leonardo da Vinci International Prize Gold/ Special Edition
Effetto Arte Fondazione - Italy
Maria Pavlovska- gallery ap space
International acclaim for body of work influencing the global artistic community

The Award is an acknowledgment to those who lift our existence to a higher level by the beauty or inspiration of their creative talent.

It is conferred on a renowned artist, sculptor, creative or visionary artist, whose work constitutes a significant contribution to the artistic legacy of the world.

The qualifying jury is constituted of authorities of the Effetto Arte Fondazione; the president Sandro Searradifico and curators Francesco Severio Russo ( an Art Historian) and Salvatore Russo ( expert on Global Art Market).

The Leonardo da Vinci International Prize of Arts - Gold/ Special Edition take place at the Leonardo Da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan on April 13. 2024.

The prize consists of a commemorative statue, a trophy and catalog book containing artist’s works.
Maria Pavlovska- gallery ap space
Winners of the Effeto Arte Fondazione Leonardo da Vinci International Prize of Arts share several notable characteristics:

Outstanding Artistic Contributions: These individuals have made significant contributions to the arts, often transforming or deeply influencing their field. Their work is recognized for its originality, creativity, and innovation.

International Recognition: Winners typically have gained international acclaim for their work, influencing the global artistic community.

Diverse Disciplines: The award embraces a wide range of artistic disciplines, including but not limited to visual art; painting, sculpture.

Impact on Society: Their work often has a profound impact on society, either by enriching cultural heritage, promoting cultural exchange, or inspiring future generations of artists.

Long-Term Dedication: Winners have a sustained career in the arts, demonstrating long-term dedication and commitment to their discipline.

Innovation and Influence: Artists are pioneers or leaders in their field, known for innovative techniques, unique artistic expressions, or influential styles.

Cultural Ambassadorship: Winners often act as cultural ambassadors, representing their art form or country on an international stage, and contributing to global cultural dialogue.
Maria Pavlovska- gallery ap space
Maria Pavlovska- gallery ap space
Photo by Maria Pavlovska at her Mana Contemporary Studio